GovDeals provides services to government agencies allowing them to sell surplus assets via the Internet. Each agency has its own auction rules and may be subject to government ordinances.
Keyword search

Agriculture Equip/Commodities 17
All Terrain Vehicles 18
All Vehicles (Restricted Vehicles) 7
Ambulance/Rescue 14
Arts and Crafts 6
Asphalt Equipment 9
Audio/Visual Equipment 182
Automobiles 332
Automobiles (Classic/Custom) 4
Aviation 7

Bags, All Types 14
Barber and Beauty Shop Equipment 4
Barrels and Drums 3
Batteries, All Types 3
Bicycles 64
Boats, Marine Vessels and Supplies 19
Books/Manuals 14
Builders Supplies 46
Buildings 25
Buses, Transit and School 45

Cafeteria and Kitchen Equipment 248
Chemicals, All Types 5
Clocks 2
Clothing/Linens 33
Collectibles 27
Commodities / General Merchandise 30
Communication/Electronic Equipment 137
Compressors 19
Computers, Parts and Supplies 583
Confiscated/Forfeited/Personal Property 138
Containers - Storage/Shipping 39
Cranes 3

Dental Equipment and Supplies 2
Displays and Exhibit Stands 18

Educational 6
Election Equipment 2
Electrical Supplies 65
Engineering Equipment and Supplies 11
Equipment, Heavy 48
Exercise Equipment 115
Fine Art 5
Fire and Police Equipment 166
Fire Trucks 33
Firearm Accessories 14
Firearms and Live Ammunition 6
First Aid 7
Food 5
Forklifts 10
Fueling Equipment 6
Furniture/Furnishings 618

Gambling Machines and Equipment 1
Garbage and Refuse Containers 8
Garbage Trucks 11
Generators 24
Glass 1
Golf Course Equipment 18

Hardware 8
Health and Beauty 9
Highway Equipment 6
Holiday/Seasonal Items 3
HVAC Equipment 23

Industrial Equipment 88

Janitorial Equipment 74
Jewelry and Watches 32

Knives / Multi-Tools 45

Laboratory Equipment 146
Laundry Equipment 7
Library Equipment 7
Lighting/Fixtures 46
Lost/Abandoned Property 90
Lumber 2

Machinery 28
Mailing Equipment 5
Material Handling Equipment 13
Medical Equipment and Supplies 105
Metal, Scrap 25
Metals, Precious 1
Miscellaneous Vehicles 2
Motorcycles 10
Mowing Equipment 79
Music/Musical Equipment 27
Nursery/Horticulture/Landscaping 9

Office Equipment/Supplies 523
Outdoor Living 9

Paper and Paper Products 4
Parking Meters 1
Photographic Equipment 24
Pipe, Valves, and Fittings, Industrial 13
Playground / Amusement Park Equipment 4
Plumbing Equipment and Supplies 8
Pool Supplies and Equipment 14
Printing and Binding Equipment 88
Public Utility Equipment 22
Pump 4

Rags 1
Real Estate 11
Recovered Items 3
Recyclable Materials 2
Road/Highway/Bridge Supplies 10

Scales and Weighing Apparatus 2
School Equipment 104
Security Equipment 17
Snow Removal Equipment 26
Sporting Equipment 100
Survey Equipment 15
SUV 110
Sweeper - Parking Lot/Warehouse 7
Sweeper - Street 13

Tanks 11
Tires and Tubes 47
Tools, All Types 159
Towers -- Water/Fire/Transmission 1
Tractor - Farm 21
Traffic Signals and Controls 21
Trailers 39
Trucks, Heavy Duty 1 ton and Over 105
Trucks, Light Duty under 1 ton 224

Vans 110
Vehicle Equipment/Parts 111
Vending Equipment 5

Welding Equipment 18
Woodworking Equipment 22

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