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The specialist’s City & Guilds certification guarantees that he will work quickly, efficiently, and in line with all official safety protocols. This also means that he can fix any model of fridge or freezer, including American fridge freezers, by any brand that is currently on the market.


Whether you've requested a fridge or a freezer repair service, all work done by the professional will be covered by a 1-year guarantee (includes both initial diagnostics and any replaced parts).


Nobody wants their appliance to break down a few months after the repairs. Our provider works with many of the manufacturers and their representatives to ensure that each specialist carries the original spare pieces for your exact fridge or freezer model to deliver long-lasting results.


The maintenance services have been designed with flexibility in mind. Each of the experts has the skills and the qualifications to help out not just private homeowners, but also provide commercial fridge repairs in London offices, food chains, hotels, coffee shops and more.


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